8. říjen 2019 / Jana Adamcová

Future of Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage experts and experts on digital economy have come to Prague to discuss the future of cultural heritage in the digital era. Institute for Digital Economy was represented by Jana Adamcová and Naďa Machková. Our Board member Professor Pierluigi Sacco participated in the concept and course of the event. 

On Monday, a meeting of three inspirational switchers started, presenting three topics, which were dealt with in three groups by a collective brainstorming of the experts present all Tuesday. These were: 

Intangible cultural Heritage and digitisation

Digital cultural heritage, tech industry, smart and inclusive growth

- Enahanced digitally enabled cultural heritage participation for all citizens. 

Each group chose one solution in the form of a project design and presented it at the end of the meeting. 

The meeting was concluded by the Commissioner for Culture Tibor Navracsics. 

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