12. říjen 2016 / Tým IDE

Emerging industries included in government strategies

European Commission has approved the so called RIS Strategy of the Czech Republic today. This strategy concerns all the EU, national and regional funds on research, development and innovation and focuses theses funds on the most innovative industrial sectors of the Czech Republic. For the first time this strategy includes as well emerging industries: digital economy and cultural and creative industries. In the context of innovation strategy, cultural and creative industries have been divided into two parts: the "new" and the "traditional" ones. The new cultural and creatives industries have to do with new, mainly digital technologies. Whereas the traditional cultural and creative industries are in the Czech context connected with production that has been in the country for many centuries: glassmaking, textile, wood and metal production. However, this is not the only strategy the Czech Government has recently passed.

A new document called "National Research, Development and Innovation Policy of the Czech Republic 2016–2020" has been passed by Government. This documents sets priorities for financing and evaluation of research and development funded from Czech domestic resources. Also this R&D policy includes emerging industries for the first time. 

In a nutshell: from now on the emerging industries do exist in the vocabulary of the state administration.

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