14. únor 2018 / Jana Adamcová

Creative coffee in magic Klementinum

Memory institutions are key parts of cultural and creative industries, because they are a repository of inspiration and source of know-how. That was one of the reasons we came to visit one of the most important libraries in the Czech Republic - Klementinum. With six million documents it makes the largest library in our country. 

After the Prague Castle, Klementinum is the second largest site in the country. Today it is the seat of the National library of the Czech Republic. We had the privilege to discuss mutual collaboration with the Director of the National library, Mr. Martin Kocanda. Cultural and creative industries are happy and eager to use historical sources for creation of new products. 

During the visit of Klementinum we had the chance to see the newly renovated part of the building, for example the beautiful baroque hallways or the mirror chapel with its unique organ. We learned that the oldest book stored here are greek papyruses from the first century describing barter trade. The most expensive book is Codex Vyssegradensis who's insurance covers the amount of one billion Czech crowns.

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